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Board of Directors

The Dronecode Board is comprised of members and technical community members. There is one representative per Founding Member plus elected representative(s) from Gold, Silver and Technical Community Members. Founding members appoint one at large technical community member to serve as a Director. Lorenz Meier is serving as the currently elected Chairman.

The Board may establish committees (e.g. marketing committee, IP & Legal) or advisory boards to enable execution and community engagement.

Board members:

  • Lorenz Meier (Community Director) — Chairman
  • Daniel Agar (PX4 Maintainer) — TSC Chairman
  • Markus Achtelik (Auterion) — Platinum director
  • Paul Stubbs (Microsoft) — Gold director
  • Chad Sweet (ModalAI) — Silver director
  • Hyon Lim (UVify) — Silver director