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Dronecode represents an active community of developers that has been around for some time. More than 1,200 developers are working on Dronecode with more than 150 code commits a day on some projects. Examples of projects include Mission Planner, MAVLink and DroidPlanner. The platform has been adopted by many of the organizations on the forefront of drone technology, including 3DRobotics, DroneDeploy, HobbyKing, Horizon Ag, PrecisionHawk, Agribotics, and Team Black Sheep Avionics, among others.

Dronecode will leverage a contribution based meritocracy that allows other parties and developers to influence and participate in the development and direction of the software. Development takes place in each project.

If you'd like to get involved with Dronecode, the best way is to peruse the list of projects and immerse yourself in the upstream communities. In you are new to drones, check out the Newbie's Guide to UAVs and the great resources on DIY Drones.

For list of projects to join, see the Current Projects page.