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Mar 16, 2017
The Safety Working Group is currently seeking a Dronecode system-based FAA waiver for operations beyond those permitted under the regular Part 107 rules. read more
Mar 13, 2017
The TSC is responsible for managing the technical aspects of the Dronecode organization. The TSC oversees the Working Groups (WG) and provides an interface to the board to align Dronecode strategic and technical direction. read more
Mar 13, 2017
The Camera Working Group (WG) is focused on platform-independent developer APIs for cameras, and for remote control of camera and gimbal. APIs under investigation currently include: read more
Aug 23, 2016
Intel's UI UX team suggests an improvement to the ArduPilot compass calibration process to make it easier for users.Read the full story here read more
Aug 13, 2016
CARLOS FELIPE has gathered all of Intel's work on Drone UI/UX here     read more
Aug 9, 2016
After releasing the first ever SoC flight controller to run ArduPilot (OcPoC™ with Xilinx® Zynq®) in January of this year, Aerotenna, a read more
Jul 11, 2016
From Intel's continuing research into improving the  user interface for ground control stations/ read more
May 4, 2016
 Originally posted by Brandon Basso on DIY Drones. read more
Apr 13, 2016
The 2016 Dronecode Unconference in San Diego was a huge success last week. read more