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Camera Working Group - March 2017 Project Update


The Camera Working Group (WG) is focused on platform-independent developer APIs for cameras, and for remote control of camera and gimbal. APIs under investigation currently include:

  • Remote Camera and Gimbal Control APIs
  • Video Streaming APIs
  • C/C++ developer camera APIs (FPV, Snapshot, Recording, Optic Flow, and Stereo)

Check out our accomplishments and challenges for March 2017 below, along with our plans for April.



  • Waiting for feedback on the proposed C++ Camera API.
  • HW Availability for Snapdragon Flight Stereo Camera.
  • Issues with PX4 Optic Flow on Snapdragon Flight
  • uORB issues blocking (should now be resolved).
  • Intel Aero and Snapdragon flight Optic Flow integration with PX4 currently not working.
  • Code availability for Intel Aero video API.

Plan for next month

  • Continue working on Optic Flow support in PX4.
  • Continue working on VISLAM support for PX4.
  • Review feedback on Camera API.

Additional Information for working with Camera and Video

Note that the use of GStreamer or live555 should not be exposed to the final video streaming API. The API should be agnostic to the underlying implementation.

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