Roadmap & Feature Overview

Dronecode / PX4 Release Planning

Release v1.6.4 (July 2017)

Maintenance release:

  • Pixhawk Mini: Improve mag boot stability
  • Pixhawk 3 Pro: Improve mag boot stability
  • GCC7 compile fixes
  • Sensirion SDP3x driver
  • Measurement Specialties MS5525 driver
  • Add hard fault logs to .ulg flight log files
  • Fixed wing: Handle loiter relative alt correctly

Release v1.6.5 (July 2017)

Maintenance release:

  • Various maintenance issues, bugfixes
  • Ensures pausing a mission pauses on-spot and not only at the next waypoint.

Release v1.7.0 (October 2017)

New Features

  • FastRTPS / ROS interface (including examples)
  • First pass on Dronecode SDK / API (basic onboard / basic mobile / basic cloud (RESTful))
  • Automated outdoor testing & analysis
  • Automated hardware testing (HIL)
  • Beta release of full 3D obstacle avoidance
    • Including dynamic obstacles based on 3D stereo transponder data

Overall Code Cleanup

  • Sensor pipeline review
    • Account for platform specifics
  • Commander rewrite
    • Remove all calibration code
    • Remove worker thread
    • Convert to C++ class
    • Test core state machines
  • VTOL cleanup
  • Multicopter cleanup
    • Improvements
    • Rewrite of core navigation logic as bezier
  • Task Flight Modes
    • Create extensible architecture that enables customization of manual flight modes
    • Reimplement manual modes in that framework
  • Breaking changes
  • HW depreciation
    • FMUv1
    • FMUv2 support plan
  • Unified configurations
  • Multi-battery core support (multi-brick)

Release v1.8.0 (March 2018)