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Firmware and Open Hardware


Image of Pixhawk

Open Source Hardware Autopilots

The PX4 project designed a series of hardware modules used to guide vehicles in both human-assisted and fully-autonomous operation. The currently available modules include the main autopilot (called FMU – Flight Management Unit), platform-specific carrier (called IO – input/output) modules that output servo signals and motor commands and an optical flow camera module.  ( For details visit:


Sik Telemetry Radio:

  • SiK is a collection of firmware and tools for radios based on the cheap, versatile SiLabs Si1000 SoC.
  • Currently, it supports the following boards:
    • HopeRF HM-TRP
    • 3DR radio
    • RFD900 ultra long range radio
  • Currently the firmware components include:
    • A bootloader with support for firmware upgrades over the serial interface.
    • Radio firmware with support for parsing AT commands, storing parameters and FHSS/TDM functionality




Optical Flow Sensor

  • PX4Flow is an optical flow smart camera (it provides the image for setup purposes, but it not designed to capture images like a webcam). It has a native resolution of 752×480 pixels and calculates optical flow on a 4x binned and cropped area at 400 Hz, giving it a very high light sensitivity. Unlike many mouse sensors, it also works indoors and in low outdoor light conditions without the need for an illumination LED. It can be freely reprogrammed to do any other basic, efficient low-level computer vision task.


Antenna Tracker

  • The tracker calculates the position of a remote vehicle using its own GPS position and GPS telemetry from a vehicle running Copter, Rover or Plane. It then uses this information to aim a directional antenna at the vehicle